Quality factors of black masterbatch

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asked Mar 11, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_WYTtnLuD (720 points)
Black masterbatch is produced using carbon black. Here, we mainly analyze the factors that determine the quality of the black masterbatch. The details are as follows:

1、 Dispersion: raw carbon black is a very difficult and dirty mixture. It is dusty, light and fluffy. Unless large-scale treatment measures are adopted, it will contaminate the machine and workers and make the working environment dirty
2、 Rheology: if a color master batch has good dispersion, but it can not flow into the material to be molded, the production effect is not ideal. Generally speaking, the base resin used to produce color masterbatch has high rheological property. In order to save cost, some color masterbatch manufacturers use reusable materials, waste materials or recycled materials as resin carriers;
3、 Compatibility: if the masterbatch is produced from chips or recycled materials, it may contain contaminants or other non fusible polymers. This will cause some unforeseen, difficult to restrain the trouble, a waste of the final consumer's time and raw materials. At this time, the base resin can be selected to produce high-quality color masterbatch, and the masterbatch has good compatibility in the melting process. High quality masterbatch can be produced by LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, PP, PS, San, PA and other materials;
4、 Stability: in today's international economy, it is absolutely necessary for international customers to have high requirements for the quality of color masterbatch and the stability of raw meal, which is also the fifth factor determining the quality of black masterbatch. One of the main performance of stability is the stable carbon black ratio. If the percentage of carbon black is fluctuating, the number of color masterbatch to be melted is different, and it is impossible to produce the same color product;
5、 Covering power: this factor is particularly important for masterbatches used in waste or recycled polymers. In these cases, the role of black is to cover other colors in the waste. Large particle carbon black has poor coloring ability and is not easy to cover all other colors in the lower layer. As a result, the final product only gets the color deviation. In the melting process, the ability to correctly select carbon black with high coloring ability to cover the existing color is the so-called covering power;
6、 Color shade: there are various types of carbon black on the market, which can be used for coloring masterbatch, but the colors and prices are also very different. Large particle carbon black has lower coloring degree and different background color than small particle carbon black. The large black masterbatch is suitable for the production of waste bag film, but it is not suitable for the production of products that focus on beauty, such as TV signs or places requiring UV protection, such as agricultural film or external pipes. https://www.goodmasterbatch.com/black-masterbatch/black-film-masterbatch.html

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