Rocket League has many motors of various shapes and styles

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asked Mar 4, 2021 in H&E by dakunlee (1,080 points)

Rocket League has many motors of various shapes and styles. Even even though they appearance unique, however, Psyonix confirmed that  Rocket League Trading the motors have identical stats, this means that they have got the equal pace, acceleration, and strength.

The best difference between every car is the hitbox, the invisible box round the auto that determines how it will collide with the ball and the alternative automobiles. There are six styles of hitboxes: Breakout, Dominus, Hybrid, Merc, Octane, and Plank Hitbox.

Psyonix currently partnered with Epic Games to release an occasion as part of the Rocket League free-to-play campaign. The Fortnite-themed Llama-Rama occasion began on  Sept. 26 and will run until Oct. 12.

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