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asked Mar 4, 2021 in H&E by Smarthuiyuan (940 points)

This one is a little hard, because quite frankly not many relievers ranked 80 or above certainly deserve downgrades. Kelley has been outside hurt for MLB 21 the show stubs nearly two months, but when he returns and continues pitching how he was, he'll be downgraded. His FIP is an outrageous 8.93, which isn't a fantastic indication whatsoever. He allowed as many homers in those 18 innings (9) as he enabled in all his 2016 effort (58 innings). His / her 9's are very awful (10 H/9, 4.5 HR/9, 4.5 BB/9, 10 K/9), that is horrendous in comparison with his 2016 numbers (7.4 H/9, 1.4 HR/9, 1.7 BB/9, 12.4 K/9). The BABIP against him was a tiny.234, which is the second lowest of his career. None of those stats indicate that he was anything but plain awful at such 18 innings of work, but perhaps the harm is exactly what triggered this poor performance.

Even if Kelley came back and got enough innings to become qualified as a reliever (32 IP at this stage ), his HR/9 would still be the highest out of qualified relievers, and his BB/9 in contrast with qualified relievers at this point would rank 140th out of 162 qualified relievers. If he keeps his K/9 in 10, his K/9 of 96 in-game will also not be justified. Now, I am not saying that he is guaranteed to go bronze when he returns or something like this, but if he continues to struggle mightily he most definitely will drop to bronze status.

Rivero was spectacular this year, posting a 0.99 ERA and a WHIP of all 0.732. His FIP is sitting in 2.36, along with his opponents have a BABIP of.194 against him, so while he's been amazing he hasn't been quite like his ERA would suggest.

Rivero deserves a major time boost to his H/9, but that I would not vouch for a high 90 quite yet because of his.194 BABIP against. Since Dellin Betances includes a 4.7 H/9 along with a 99 H/9, and the smallest H/9 Aroldis Chapman has posted in the previous 3 years is 5.0 H/9 however he has a H/9 of 99, Felipe's 4.4 H/9 merits a increase from 86 to the low 90's, perhaps 92 or 93. His BB/9 of 62 deserves a boost into at least the 70's, or cheap MLB The Show 21 Stubs even more eventually. His HR/9 also deserves just a bit of a boost.


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