Automatic Hot and Cold Film Laminator Machine

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asked Feb 27, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_FuMi2BbS (360 points)
01. The machine adopts circling oil heating system equipped with big diameter of drying roller and heat recycling system, which can enhance the heat efficiency greatly. Compared with the same type of machine in China, it can save energy up to 20% .
02. High quality steel roller with specially designed inner part for water heating and circulation together with heating recycling system and precise processing techniques can make the roller fast in temperature rising and higher heat efficiency under high speed running.
03. The rubber roller adopts high quality rubber with the feature of good elasticity, high temperature and wear resistance. The gas liquid pressurization system can provide automatic pressure supply, pressure keeping and pressure unloading according to the need of the machine. When there is a power break down, the rubber roller can automatically separate with the thermal roller to protect it and extend the life span of the rubber roller as well as ensuring a firm and bright film to paper lamination.
04. In gluing part, it adopts ceramic anilox roller and doctor blade mode. The doctor blade is specially designed and made, which can make the glue coat less and even to save glue consumption. Coordinated with the pneumatic auto glue system, the gluing part can ensure a continuous production.
05. High speed feeder with subpiling or prepiling system makes the machine change the paper pile without stopping the machine, which can greatly enhance the production efficiency.
06. Practice and precise servo motor coordinated with side-lay puller and touch screen, which can make the adjustment and operation easy with good precision (±2mm).
07. The separation part adopts special mode and equipped with paper curl elimination device to ensure a good separation -no double sheet and no curling.
08. Auto-sheeting platform at delivery part can rise up and down automatically with sheet counting function.
09. This machine can also be used for precoated film with fast lamination speed and good quality of lamination.
10. Customer can choose electromagnetic heating system for heating, total power is 110kw.

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