Automatic High-speed Flute Laminating Machine

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asked Feb 27, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_FuMi2BbS (360 points)
01. Computerized high speed lamination can be up-to 150m/min.
02. Direct push paper loading device is available for option.
03. Self-made four sucking and five forwarding suckers heavier feeder ensures that the machine runs smoothly with no missing of sheet,even at high speed.
04. Sensing and compensation and alignment device uses several group of sensors to sense the relative position of the running corrugated board so that two servo motors at left and right side of the top paper can drive independently to align top paper with corrugated paper with high accuracy and high speed.
05. Global-functional electric control system with touch screen and motion control card can monitor the working condition and abnormal indication automatically for troubleshooting. The electric design conforms to the CE standard.
06. Gluing unit uses high precision coating roller, together with specially designed metering rubber roller can enhance the evenness of gluing. The unique gluing roller with glue stopping device and automatic glue level control system can guarantee the back-flow with no overflow of glue.
07. Machine frames are processed by CNC lathe in one process, which can ensure the precision of every position. Toothed belts for transferring guarantees smooth running with low noise. Electric components uses Chinese famous and worldwide brands with high stability, less trouble and long service life.
08. Corrugated board feeding unit adopts powerful servo motor control system with the features of high sensitivity and fast speed. The suction unit uses high-pressure blower,imported high- flow control valve as well as unique dust collection filter box, which can enhance the suction force for different corrugated paper, ensuring smooth running with no double or more
sheets, no missing sheet.

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