Gas Purification Potassium Permanganate

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Mixed with activated alumina and other binders, potassium permanganate in liquid form could be impregnated in pellets as chemical media to oxidize gaseous contaminants effectively including sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, nitric oxide, formaldehyde, lower molecular weight aldehydes and organic acids.



                    Product name
                    Potassium permanganate (Technical plus grade)
                    Chemical name
                    Potassium permanganate
                    Chemical Formula
                    Molecular weight
                    CAS number
                    EINECS number
                    Regulatory Information
                    UN 1490   IMDG Code 5.1


    Product description:

                    Dark purple or brownish granular or needle shaped crystal with metallic sheen
                    25kg HDPE drum
                    50kg galvanized iron drum
                    Gas purification and its target contaminants:? Formaldehyde? Hydrogen sulfide? Lower molecular weight aldehydes and organic acids? Nitric oxide? Sulfur dioxide
                    Supply capacity


    Technical Parameter:

                    Chemical Composition
                    KMnO4 (%)
                    Chloride (%)
                    Water Insolubles (%)

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