Electronics Industrial Grade Potassium Permanganate

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Potassium permanganate, as a basic chemical material, is used widely in electronic industry. Potassium permanganate has strong oxidizing property. Glue refuse produced in production process of electronic products can be removed by means of strong oxidizing property of potassium permanganate so as to expose copper collars to be interconnected at all layers, improve the structure of hole walls and enhance the adhesion of electrocoppering.In electronic industry, prepreg can be melted at high temperature produced during boring, to form glue refuse. By means of strong oxidizing property of potassium permanganate, glue refuse can be removed through potassium permanganate method.Potassium permanganate is a kind of strong oxidant, and can be reduced into MnO42- when NaOH concentration is more than 2mol/L. Potassium permanganate has stronger oxidizing property in strong acid environment but oxidizes organic substances in alkaline condition more quickly than in acid condition. Control range of parameters for removal of glue refuse: Mn2+(56.7-63.3g/L), Mn6+(less than or equal to 24g/L), NaOH(43.3-56.7g/L). Glue refuse is dissolved by potassium permanganate for removal. The board before removal of glue refuse has smooth hole wall and no burr compared with that after boring. Glue refuse removal process mainly includes 3 steps like leavening, potassium permanganate and neutralization.4MnO4-+C epoxy resin+4OH-=4MnO42-+CO2(g)Introduction:Product namePotassium permanganateChemical namePotassium permanganateChemical FormulaKMnO4Molecular weight158.04CAS number7722-64-7EINECS number231-760-3Regulatory InformationUN 1490 ? IMDG Code 5.1Product description:AppearanceDark purple or brownish granular or needle shaped crystal with metallic sheenPackage25kg HDPE drum50kg galvanized iron drumApplicationsCircuit board treatment; Removal of glue refuseSupply capacity40,000MT/yearTechnical Parameter:SpecificationValueChemical CompositionKMnO4 (%)≥99.3Chloride (%)≤0.01Sulfate(SO4)(%)≤0.05Water Insolubles (%)≤0.15H2O(%)≤0.5FAQ ? 1.How about the sample?we can provide sample free and freight charges is collected2.what is your MOQ?our product MOQ is 10kg3.what kind of package will use?25kg/bag, 600-700kg/bigbag,20kg/barrel, 150kg/metal bucket4.what is the delivery timeit will take about 4-5 days for 1*20GP container5.could you give me a discount?Yes, we can have a negotiation6.could you give me a suggestion according to the information we described?Of course,it is our mission to offer you professional service.7.what is shipping way?By sea,by air,by courier.international train8.what is the type of your company?We are manufacture and trading company. http://www.changyuancorp.com/manganese-salt/potassium-permanganate/electronics-industrial-grade-potassium.html

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