Industrial Barcode Printer

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1. Product Information

Model Number: iX4P

Professional 4 inch high speed 600m ribbon RFID Thermal Transfer industrial  barcode printer

2. Product Features

1. Multipal sensor,more convenience

2. Maximum 600m ribbon length

3. Optional peeler、auto-cutter and liner label rewinding equipment

4. Optional 203dpi、300dpi、600dpi,three different resolution

5. high printing speed up to 14ips

6. Ensure quality output for small-label applications with high-resolution printing capabilities

7. Expanded RFID capacities deliver greater tracking abilities, deeper visibility and enterprise insights

8. heavy duty printing with more than 10,000labels printing per day

9. Data conenction method: USB, Ethernet, RS232(9-pin), RJ45, RFID(HF),

    RFID(UHF), Parallel Port(36-pin), D-Sub(15-pin),Wi-Fi

3. Our Advantages

iX4P provides the electrical label printing solutions are the guarantee of automatic sorting and efficient work. It supporting the electronic labels continuously printing with a minimum thickness of 80 microns. It has a flexible compatibility of the consumable media and high performance of printing results. It will lead you into a wider range of applications.

Except the printer hardware, we also provide the Bartender Label Editing Software and Seagull driver for PC, and provide the Label Edtiting APP for Android and iOS devices.

Brilliant AIDC (Automatic Identification & Data Collections) solution provider for Manufacturing and Logistics.

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