Smart Ceramic Aroma Diffuser

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asked Feb 4, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_geHK72H1 (440 points)
"1.ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser
2.water capacity: 100ml
3.max time:5hours
4. 7 colors changeable with bright and dim modes.
5.Spray mode:continuous mist/intermittent mist (30 second on, 30 second off)
Hand Crafted Elegance-We Used Real Porcelain Materials,Hand Sourced And Crafted By Our Skilled Artisans,Compliment And Enhance The Spaces You Love With This Beautiful Essential Oil Diffuser.
3 Mist Modes-Our Diffuser Comes Programmed With 3 Mist Modes That Change The Diffusing Intensity,Accidentally Left It On?Don't Worry;We have Included An Auto-Shutoff Safety Feature.
Safe Waterless Auto Off: It will automatically power off when it is detected there is little water. No worry about causing any harm to you or the machine itself.
7 Color Quiet Nightlight: This ultrasonic diffuser creates a relaxing & romantic ambience for you. Put it in your or your child’s room & use it as a night light for a restful sleep."

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