Wood Wall Paneling Interior Decor

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Imagine if your room could tell history in a beautiful, vivid, and textured way. Our story of wood wall paneling interior deco unfolds through every vortex, every knot, every color change and nail hole in the grain. Can you imagine the natural silver-blue tones and shabby textures of wooden walls will reveal the story of the walls? Each plank records how long the wood has worked hard outside, facing snowy winters, rainy springs, and sunny summers. These rustic recycled weathered wooden boards can give your space the personality it deserves.

The beauty of nature is the inspiration and playground for our brand. We provide innovative and beautiful wood solutions for architects, developers, builders, retailers, craftsmen and homeowners. Through experimentation and innovation, we have created a series of wooden panelling products that are passionate about detail and style. Composed of numerous selected designs, our collection will decorate any space.

1.Natural wood-Made of 100% dry pine wood, pre-coated and stained with neutral colors to easily match your interior.

2.Easy to install-This installation method allows you to easily complete the decoration without using any power tools.

3.Do it yourself-create your own DIY project! The patterns and designs that decorate the walls are endless. http://www.iziwallpanel.com

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The best thing to do, when designing a garden or deck layout, is to see what is available first and make some choices from what is on offer. Very often people notice that they lean towards one certain style over another and if this is the case then just archpot decorate everything with this theme. Colors of flowers too tend to be favored and by just having up to three colors in an area, the place will look remarkably stylish.

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