Bulk Cargo/Container Transport Flatbed Semi Trailer

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asked Jan 30, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_kz3h9Nih (400 points)
Can be designed separately according to the different needs of customers, or tell us that the media of the goods you carry is different, we will give you the design of the corresponding model, to meet the personalized needs of customers. Our flatbed semi trailer can be installed according to customer requirements detachable railings, columns and so on.
Design a unique way of ocean transportation: 1. According to the customer's long-term destination, and customer location of welding process, customers can choose bulk carrier (three together, hanging off can be used directly after the goods to the port of destination) or container transport (cutting type flatbed semi trailer, back design using the method of high strength screw connection. Customers receive the goods at the port of destination, from the inside out, with our first spare high strength screw connection, can carry 30 tons of goods directly, can also transport to welding ability of the screw edge welding formation, the customer can be at ease, use this way in Kenya market has been in use for five years so far there are no any abnormal situation happened). http://www.genronvehicle.com

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