The next step following Plains of Eidolon

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asked Jan 30, 2021 in H&E by Weismart (1,080 points)

Only improvements we'll probably see is the new engine improving shadows, shadows, colors, particle effects and meseta pso2 projecting them from the drapes. You may have a look how just implementing better shadows and colors can improve old equipment by checking ReShade screenshots. Collabs who have had their makeup removed nevertheless have their assets exist on the sport so those will likely still be accessible for jp players. Only improvements we'll likely see is the brand new engine improving shadows, shadows, colors, particle effects and projecting them against the outfits. You may take a look how exactly applying better shadows and colours can enhance older equipment by assessing ReShade screenshots.

The next step following Plains of Eidolon, to me, personally would have been Dragon's Dogma Online's receptive fields.

SEA peep here. Not actually play PSO2SEA but I did play a great deal of games in SEA release. Maintaining service through a localizer (distributor), however, backslash of the distributor be able to modify the sport itself or ramble afar in the original maintaining plan from mom firm (in this instance SEGA). Many games come and go only due to poor maintaining and being exploited. With Sream being something since quite a while (actually steam slowly became an essential thing in around PSO2SEA launch, the rise of MOBA like Dota2 and LoL was a thing), many problems of localizer were turned out, including manipulating value (PSO2, when enemy dealt more dmg and suppose to be) to unfair monetization (many, such as Garena in trapping RP speed in local currencies, and for PSO2 was costume items and unite outfit). It all are a sort of handling and maintening the game. Honestly, not much game stayed over 5-7 years with such lack of honesty and non transparency of this localizers, and their approach back then (at least in my country) was kind of instant-ramen of buying permit, using it in couple years for quick buck then losing it. There are a few poblishers/localizers did really good job, notably Mihoyo or YoStar, but that is for buy Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta mobile market and that's kind of afterwards with greater standard when gamers started caring about transparency and such.

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