Desktop Freeze Dryer

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We supply benchtop freeze dryer Model RTFD-10C, it is suitable for freeze-drying experiment in laboratory, for product in bulk. It is small and compact structure, condenser temp. -50℃ and -80℃ available, with 1 year Warranty. Hot selling model in Europe, Asia, America, etc.TheoryFreeze dryer is widely used in medicine, pharmacy, biology research, chemical industry and food production ,etc. After freeze drying process, a long term preservation for material is much easier. They can be restored to original state and maintain their chemical and biological characteristics after being watered. The vacuum freeze drying technology, which is also called sublimation drying, is a technical method that freezes the samples in advance, and then sublimates its moisture under vacuum state.SpecificationFreeze drying area0.12㎡0.18㎡ (optional)0.24㎡(optional)Ice Condenser capacity3-4 kg /24hCondenser temperature-50℃ (-80 ℃ optional )Final vacuum< 10 PaTrayФ200mm,4 layers
 Spacing 70mmФ200mm , 6 layers
 Spacing 50mmФ200mm , 8 layers
 Spacing 35mmBulk capacity1.2L, 10m thickness1.8L, 10mm thickness2.4L, 10mm thicknessVial capacity Φ12mm820 pcsVial capacity Φ16mm460 pcsVial capacity Φ22mm244 pcsCondenser sizeФ215mm, 140mm deepDrying chamber sizeФ260×430mmVacuum Pump Flow Rate2 L/S, 7.2 m3/hDefrostingOff Cycle DefrostingCoolingAir cooling, ambient temperature≤25℃Voltage220V /50 Hz, 110V/60Hz, 120V/60HzPower970W (-50℃)
 1400W (-80℃)Dimension610x 450 x (370+430)mm (-50℃)
 850 x 680x (400+430)mm (-80℃)weight70 kg (-50℃)
 130kg (-80℃)Main Features● Control panel display in English● Vacuum can be displayed in Pa or mbar● Condenser with uniform and good ice capture function● Acrylic drying Chamber is safe and easy to view sample status● Small and compact structure , with easy and convenient operation● Vacuum pump with high pumping speed , to reach good final vacuum● Big opening condenser with external coiling tubes, has pre-freezing functionOptions● Vacuum control valve● vIntake backfilling filter● Air inlet filter for pump● Nitrogen inflation valve● RS232 and software: Check and keep freeze drying data on computer, control freeze dryer through PC● Special requirements can be customizedPackage and DeliveryPackageStandard plywood boxDeliveryWithin 5 working days ( Except customized machine)ShipmentBy air, By sea, By express

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