I may also go back

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asked Jan 3, 2021 in H&E by Smarthuiyuan (940 points)

Yeah I have and still do. And I may also go back and play those matches and use the currency which I spent on that game. This is a completely new app, with Mut 21 coins no capacity to go back and play this season and spend the currency I spent cash on. Can you whine when they stop updating and offering you new things to buy in the previous games? So, though it's possible to invest your currency nevertheless, why weren't you spending on the same items when it was the current version? Madden Cash has always transferred from year to year. If that wasn't likely to occur this season, over 6 months notice would have been nice. People have been stockpiling their MC as there's been no good reason since Ultimate Freeze to utilize the MC. Its like having a Gift Card at a shop that's going out of business just so it doesn't go to waste.

Right, but people don't complain about not having the ability to use this gift card at another store. No offense, but why can you continue to invest real money throughout the previous six months when there has been nothing rewarding? And the"but that is how it's always been" argument is the worst. They are wishing to utilize MADDEN money on another MADDEN game. Best Buy cannot legally shut their doors and say"We're opening up in 4 months as Best Buy 2.0, so use all your gift cards because they'll no longer be valid since we're no longer Best Buy". No but games such as Call of Duty and MLB: The Show may come out with a new version every year and not allow you to carry over money you paid actual cash for. Console Madden does not only allow you to cheap Madden nfl 21 coins update the present edition to the new edition, you need to purchase it, even though it's essentially only a gigantic update.

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