Natural blue junior ski gloves

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asked Dec 31, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_LMObiU5w (360 points)
Equipped for all winter weather

The blue natural Ski and Snowboard Glove guarantees smart hands keep warm and dry in all weather. From temperature drops, and inevitable falls, protect hands and keep warm .

Providing all-day waterproofing with 8,000mm protection and 100g insulation, the Glove contains a weather-proof insert which ensures optimum resistance to snow, wind, and rain. With vital breathability, the insert allows perspiration to escape and body heat to be retained.

The five finger lining reinforces comfort with a snug, natural fit whilst 3M Thinsulate insulation doubles the amount of warmth compared to other synthetics and equally minimises bulk. For convenient phone access when necessary, the junior Glove features a touch screen compatible index finger. Made with polyester, PU and suede, the gloves are a reliable, durable .

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