Still be there in normal buy PSO2 Meseta

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asked Dec 31, 2020 in H&E by bestrsgoldfast (1,600 points)

There's a good possibility that Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta individuals aren't heavily invested in the sport however.

This really is the one thing that disturbs me, but even then it's not a massive problem. Levelling from the sport is not a huge timesink, as I'd gladly trade off that for a vastly improved New Genesis experience.

That's 100% greed.

Its 100 percent allowing the whales to whale. Theres too many people who love spending hundreds/thousands on this stuff to release at 60 bucks or something and call it great.

If you're stupid enough to spend real money to play dress up with an online avatar its hardly surprising that companies create games to gain from your gullibility.

They Would like to spend the money. Sega isn't tricking people into paying them lmfao.Meseta apparently won't move into NG, but it should still be there in normal buy PSO2 Meseta, which is not moving anywhere. I don't quite understand the fuss.

You know full well the men and women who spend the most money are people who frequently can not afford to. Whaling has been the significant controversy of lootboxes since their inception.

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