Inverter Hybrid Off Grid

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asked Dec 23, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_F13ZnAxn (220 points)
Hybrid Inverter 4KW 24V/48V with MPPT Controller 50A model: FSI-40224/48M50The advantage of Hybrid Inverter:1. Built-in MPPT solar controller for maximum power point tracking, the efficiency is up to 99%.2. 64-bits DSP Intelligent control chip.3. Result fetched from effective value, not average value.4. Photoelectricity isolation circuitry technology.5. Switching power is supplied by the independent system.6. True over temperature protection.7. The full bridge rectifier and mainboard structure are highly optimized. Input and output circuits are isolated.8. Strong loading capacity with a true onetime soft start.9. New and original electronic components.FAQ:Q1: Does your company also provide other solar products except Pure Sine Wave inverter?A1: Yes, We also provide other solar products, Like MPPT solar controller, poly solar panel, off-grid solar inverter, ongrid solar inverter, solar battery. portable solar system, solar charger and other accesories related the the solar power system.Q2: How about the delivery time ?A2: 5 daus for sample; 7-15 days for bulk order.Q3: What is warranty of products?A3: 2 years warranty on one-inverter products.Q4: How to solve the technical problem?A4: 24 hours after-service consultancy just for you and to make your problem to solve easily

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