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XB-918RB is Syble new developed CCD Barcode Scanner Bluetooth , which can connect to mobile phones ,Android tablets ,Ipads etc mobile devices with bluetooth feature.
BLUETOOTH 4.0 WIRELESS & USB: Updates the bluetooth version from 2.0 to 3.0.The barcode scanner bluetooth supports wireless connection via Bluetooth (* Bluetooth signal up to 40 meters in open yard.)
COMPATIBILITY OF LARGE DEVICES: Connect the barcode scanner bluetooth to mobile phones, tablets, PC computers, whether on iOS (iPhone / iPad / iPod), MAC, Android or Windows.
BATTERY 2200 mAh for 24 hours CONTINUOUS SCAN: Press up to 24 hours of continuous scanning for your inventories. Recharge easily in 4.5 hours with the included USB charging cable.
We use 32-bit PROCESSOR for this bluetooth bacode scanner: its scan rate upto 200 times / sec is twice as fast as similar devices; Save max up to 35,000 barcodes on the built-in storage. Support most types of 1D barcodes
ROBUST ANTI-SHOCK DESIGN: A break-resistant construction that will withstand 1.5m drops fell to the concrete. Benefit from an ergonomic design that feels comfortable in the hand. Apply to flexible workplaces, be it supermarkets, grocery stores or warehouses
Special Functions: Editable prefix or suffix reaches 32 digits. Capable of hiding part of a barcode and locking upper or lower cases
The 19-inch scanning range and superior motion tolerance allows one-pass scanning. Such barcode scanner bluetooth greatly reduces customers’ waiting time at the cash counter, improve their shopping experience and win more customers for sellers.

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the Syble XB-918RB CCD Barcode Scanner Bluetooth appears to be a versatile and efficient device for barcode scanning applications immaculate grid

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