garbage disposal reset

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asked Dec 19, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_Fj7JpQXX (560 points)
The BONE HAMMER kitchen waste disposer is a modern new type of environmentally friendly kitchen appliance. It provides a brand-new method to dispose of food waste. It is mainly used for crushing food waste. The machine is installed under the kitchen sink and connected to the drain pipe. Driven by a small DC or AC motor, and the latest cutterless grinding technology. The food waste in the crushing cavity is crushed many times by centrifugal force and discharged into the sewer. The product can crush organic waste such as leftovers, meat and fish bone spurs, vegetable stems and leaves, melon peels and shells, egg shells, tea residues, small pieces of corn cobs, small bones of poultry and livestock.

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