Horse Hair Strip Brush

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Product information:Horsetail brush stripBrush wireHorsetail、Horse's mane、Nylon-filled horsetail、Plastic wire and horsetail mix、etc.Bristle thickness3mm、4㎜、4.5㎜、5㎜、6㎜、7㎜、8㎜、9㎜、10㎜?etc.Bristle length3mm——200mmStrip lengthCustomized on requestBrush shapeRing, square, curved, strip, etc.Mounting baseAluminum base, iron base, steel base, rubber base.etcuseSealing, dust removal, anti-static, high temperature resistance, etc.Product description● Horse hair fill metal back strip brush● Metal Back Strip Brush● Long lasting product and weather-tight seal capabilities are good for reducing the penetration of uninvited environmental elements including dust, light, blowing dirt, sand, rain, snow, fumes, insects, and rodents● The brush strip can be mounted with an aluminum base, which makes it easier to fix. Aluminium bases are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, or they can be customized● Maximum temperature is 400 degrees Fahrenheit● Chinese manufacturer direct salesProduct UsageRevolving doors, smooth doors, and other electronic devices used to block dust and prevent dust from entering the interior.Customer questions & answers?Question:What is the size of this brush strip?Answer: The size of the brush strip is customized according to requirementsQuestion:Is the brush strip 100% horsetail?Answer: Yes, you can rest assured that quality can be guaranteed.Question:Can the brush provide samples?Answer: Samples can be supplied and the samples are free of charge. The sample delivery time is based on the simplicity or complexity of the brush, and it can be shipped within three days of normal conditions!

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