PTFE Graphite Packing

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asked Dec 9, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_LASomPS1 (260 points)
I. Definition:it is a kind of packing made of graphite PTFE wire which is made of PTFE fiber with graphite powder and certain thermostable lubricant.II. Features:?1.?low coefficient of friction: the packing has well stability and ling service life2.?The packing has well heat conductivity and tensile strength3.?The packing has excellent self-lubrication: it will not damage the axostyle.Function:?usually, it is applied in the dynamic sealed part with a high linear velocity(16 M/S) and it is used in sealing alkali, solvent, water, steam pump and so on.SPECIFICATIONCentrifugal ?separatorReciprocating pumpValvePH VALUE0 ?- ?14PRESSURE (BAR)20200250WORKING TEMPERAURE-240 CENTIGRADE ~ 288 CENTIGRADELINEAR SPEED (M/S)1622

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