Cement Bricks Manufacturing Machine Price

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asked Dec 5, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_LnSjFQpb (460 points)
Porous brick refers to porous brick made of clay, shale and fly ash as main raw materials, which are formed and fired. The porosity is not less than 15%~30%, and the hole type is round or non-round, the size of the hole Small, large quantities of load-bearing sintered perforated bricks with rectangular or circular holes are by no means equivalent to having holes in the bricks. Mainly used for load-bearing walls

Hollow brick is the main wall material commonly used in the construction industry. Due to its light weight and low consumption of raw materials, it has become the first recommended product of the national construction department. Similar to red bricks, the common manufacturing materials for hollow bricks are clay and cinder ash, and the general specification is 390 × 190 × 190 mm. http://www.qgmblockmachine.com/brick-machine/qgm-euro-standard-brick-machine/cement-bricks-manufacturing-machine-price.html

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