Forged Gantry Crane Travelling Wheels

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asked Dec 2, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_Lrxrz10X (320 points)
Product Features:
1) Material: 60#,65#,65Mn,50SiMn,42CrMoA (according to client's requirement)
2) wheel diameter: Φ300-2300mm
3) Tread Hardness:300-380HB Trand surface and rim quench depth: 15-18mm
4) Measuring and testing equipment:Projecting profile, roughness tester, hardness tester, concentricity tester ect, UT ultrasonic detecting instrument
5)Size:Special designs are available,Making according to clients demand.Precise measurement and surface finishes are available
6)Inspection:In-house and the third party.Inspection:all items are checked and tested thoroughly during every working procedure and after the product is finally manufactured to ensure that best quality product goes out in the market.

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