Bridge Crane Wheels

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bridge crane wheels definition: bridge crane wheels and axle, bearing and bearing box, etc.
bridge crane wheels set: wheels are used to support crane and load, and in orbit to make the crane reciprocating.
The main damage of the wheel is wear, hardening laminate and pitting.
The material of the bridge crane wheels usually adopts zg430-640 cast steel.
In order to improve the wear-resisting strength and life of the wheel surface, surface heat treatment should be performed on the tread surface, requiring the surface hardness of hb300-350, and the quenching depth of not less than 20mm.
Crane wheels groups: crane bridge crane wheels running mechanism of lateral deviation value is an important technical parameters of the crane, can lead to gnaw rail deflection error, increase the running resistance, vibration and noise, intensify rail and wheel wear, greatly reduce the service life of the crane, so all kinds of crane manufacturing technology conditions for the wheels, the value of horizontal deflection rules permit.
Wheel group structure: the bridge crane wheels horizontal deflection value of the control running mechanism in the application is mainly based on the corresponding technical measures according to different product structure.
Compare common structure, technological measures are also relatively simple design is: will the wheel assembly to form bridge crane wheels on a support group, such as Angle bearing box wheel set and bogie hearth bearing box wheel group, 45 ° subdivision on the crane structure, wheel lateral deviation after appropriate fixed to install.
I set the production of the company covers 250 - Ф Ф 900 specifications, such as the factory production of wheel set are all made of high quality bearing, a consortium to carry on the processing and assembling, in strict accordance with industry standards to ensure that each product is qualified products.

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