Narrow Brush Sander

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asked Dec 1, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_LYOuVEpD (320 points)
This machine is suitable for workpieces with width not exceeding 300 MM, such as all kinds of carved wood lines, wave boards, sound absorption boards and other solid wood, MDF and other materials, and the processing range is wide.

According to different requirements of product material, shape, process, etc., various abrasives and grinding heads, such as wire brush, DuPont wire, sand cloth strip, etc., have been used to achieve the best grinding effect on the blank and primer sanding of the workpiece.

Versatility, performance and ease of use make this brush sanding machine a powerful tool to reduce labor costs and improve the quality of each workshop. Good man-machine operation interface, simple operation, convenient operation, frequency conversion speed regulation, strong applicability, independent sand head structure, convenient and rapid replacement of abrasive.

Automatic grinding reduces labor force, increases output and improves profitability, and solves many problems, such as low efficiency of manual grinding, great harm of dust and so on.

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