Rubber Vulcanizing Press

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asked Nov 27, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_LRMhAEFs (200 points)
This rubber vulcanizing press is designed with duplex pillar structure which can be operated and used alone or be used and operated together. When using this set of duplex vulcanizing press, 2 single presses won't influence each other. This rubber vulcanizing press machine is used in suppressing various kinds of rubber products, thermosetting plastic products and can also be used as common hydraulic press.

The vulcanizing press has simple structure, flexible operation, capacious space and beautiful appearance etc.

The machine adopts the advanced PLC+ touch screen automatic control. The working program can be set in the cabinet and machine will work according to this program.

This rubber vulcanizing press mainly consists of host machines, hydraulic system, and electronic control system. Fuel tank is installed on the side of host machines, won't be affected by the temperature of host machine plates. Workers can operate conveniently with capacious visual. Plate temperature is controlled by temperature control table, with high precision and good quality of products. All the parts are all according to ministry of chemical industry standard, using quality materials, with meticulously processed.

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