Conveyor Belt Separator

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asked Nov 25, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_LLaQuQhz (700 points)
conveyor belt separator
Belt conveyor uses continuous or intermittent movement of conveyer belt to transport all kinds of heavy and light goods. It can not only transport various bulk materials, but also convey various cartons, bags and so on.

The material of the conveyor belt is rubber, rubber, plastic, PVC, PU and other materials. It can not only be used for conveying ordinary materials, but also can meet the special requirements of oil, corrosion and antistatic materials. The use of special food grade conveyor belt can meet the requirements of food, pharmaceutical, daily chemical industry and other industries. Structure: groove belt machine, flat belt machine, climbing belt machines, turning machines and other forms belt, conveyor belt can also be created to enhance the tailgate, skirts and other accessories, can meet a variety of technological requirements. Each side of the conveyor is equipped with a worktable and a lamp holder, which can be used as an electronic instrument assembly, food packaging and other wiring.

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