Flame Retardant Electrical Insulation Material

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asked Nov 10, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_9i8YzQsv (420 points)
Flame retardant electrical insulation material is a halogen-free, flame retardant, polypropylene material. Our flame retardant polypropylene electrical insulation material  offers exceptional reliability and durability for a variety of industrial and consumer product applications. It offers superior dielectric strength, an elevated temperature rating, and exceptional moisture and chemical resistance to protect sensitive electronic elements from dielectric or environmental damage. It can also be used as a physical barrier that protects general users or service workers from the dangers of exposure to electrically charged components. In addition, our flame retardant electrical insulation polypropylene material can easily be scored and folded into three-dimensional shapes, making it a highly versatile product that substantially reduces the costs associated with, fabricating, warehousing and shipping.

Our experienced engineers can help you design electrical insulation material into a wide variety of shapes to meet your unique requirements. https://www.xintaippsheet.com/polypropylene-sheet/flame-retardant-plastic/flame-retardant-electrical-insulation.html

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