Ladle Nozzle Sand

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asked Oct 25, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_scVjG5SG (300 points)
?ladle nozzle sand is one of ladle flow initiator, which is a kind of ladle sliding nozzle filler developed by our company in recent year, contains metal mixture with low melting point and weight than molten steel. The ladle nozzle sand is divided into two types: silicon and chromium. The automatic pouring rate of ladle castable can reach 99% without metal inclusions are found on the surface of ingot. Steel Ladle Flow Initiator is and ideal filler for ladle sliding nozzle.?Before pouring, the Ladle Flow Initiator is put into the upper nozzle,which burns and heats up,so that the molten steel in the upper nozzle does not solidify,and the automatic pouring is achieved,thus avoiding the problem of inclusions in the ingot.?ladle nozzle sand physical and chemical parameters:ItemMelting pointGrand sizeMoistureSiO2Al2O3Cr2O3Carbon contentSiliceous±1730℃0-3mm≤0.5%80%0.8-0.9%04%Chrome±1730℃0-2mm≤0.5%39.3%6%28.6%4%?Package : 25kg/bag or 1000kg/bag , customer’s requirement .

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