Ladle Castable

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asked Oct 25, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_scVjG5SG (300 points)
Ladle castable is made of corundum,aluminum magnesium spinel and fused magnesia as main raw materials with various additives by micro-powder bonding technology.Our refractory castables for ladles have three grade: 90%,88% and 85% based on the content of Al2O3+MgO . Compared with the same kind of products, our ladle castable has better construction performance, higher strength and better volume stability, corrosion resistance, erosion resistance and thermal shock resistance.?The ladle castable physical and chemical parametersItemBrandLC-90LC-88LC-85Chemical ? ?composition,% ≥Al2O3+MgO908885Bulk?? ?density ,g/cm3,≥2.92.852.80Crushing ? ?strength, MPa,≥110℃×24h3030251550℃×3h706060Linear ? ?change on reheating,%1550℃×3h-0.2~ ? ?+1.0-0.2~ ? ?+1.0-0.2~ ? ?+1.0?The application :Ladle castables are suitable for pouring large and medium ladle walls and casting bricks.?Package :usually 25kg/bag, or 1000kg/bag,can packaging according to customer’s demand.?

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