Activision started destroying classic wow gold

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asked Oct 21, 2020 in H&E by bestrsgoldfast (1,600 points)

Apparently when you're earning 150 million USD a month out of subs a couple of developers is"Too pricey"activision started destroying classic wow gold the moment they bought them.I recall the reasoning for it not being price but since ICC was not completed and instead of 4 or 5 months of ulduar they put together an in-between raid to give players something to do while they ended ICC.

Algalon to this day is still my favourite battle ever. Everything about it, the area, algalons model, the difficulty of the fight. Holy shit discuss a motherfucking encounter.Was playing on a laptop back then and Algalon just completely fucked the computer. Had to be on seat during progession on this one. Every additional boss was nice and that I was there on initial kills.

 That made me get a new powerful desktop for Cataclysm...BT didn't have heroic, sometimes scalable, difficulties for bosses built into the raid itself, and did not have a secret closing ultra tough closing boss as a final challenge.It had been good for its time, however Ulduar is a foundation of what raids ought to be. 

Everything was baked into the gameplay instead of the menu, except that the 10/25 difficulty.Naxx coming back was great, it's an amazing raid that less than 1% of vanilla gamers got to wow classic gold for sale experience and I would say far fewer than that of anger players prior to going in at 80. Are people forgetting that Naxx was a highly exclusive raid which just a small percentage of the population got to experience, not as clear? 

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