What is G11 Epoxy board

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asked Oct 15, 2020 in Electron Microscopy by epoxysheeten (120 points)

G11 Epoxy board

G11 chlorine chloride plate EPGC203 is also a kind of cyclochloroglass fiber cloth laminate. It is imported by imported electrician with alkali-free glass fiber cloth to import epoxy resin, and added corresponding import inhibitor, adhesive and other additives; A cardboard-like insulation material.

Color: yellow, other colors can be customized

Regular size: 1020 × 2040mm, 1220 × 2040mm, 1220 × 1020mm, special size can be customized


1. High mechanical and dielectric properties
2. Excellent heat resistance, flame retardancy and moisture resistance, heat resistance grade F
3. Excellent machinability The stamping and cutting of the sheet can be processed according to the customer's requirements.
4. High glass transition temperature 146 ° C

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