Common knowledge of cold storage?

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In general, refrigerators are usually cooled by refrigerators. The liquid (ammonia or Freon) with very low gasification temperature is used as the coolant to evaporate under low pressure and mechanical control to absorb the heat in the storage, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling and cooling. The most commonly used is the compression refrigerator, which is mainly composed of compressor, condenser and evaporation tube. According to the way of evaporation tube device, it can be divided into direct cooling and indirect cooling. Direct cooling: the evaporation pipe is installed in the cold storage room. When the liquid coolant passes through the low-pressure evaporation pipe, it can directly absorb the heat in the warehouse and cool down. Indirect cooling is that the air in the warehouse is pumped into the air cooling device by the blower, and the air is heated by the evaporation pipe in the cooling device, and then sent to the storage room for cooling. The advantages of air cooling are rapid cooling, uniform temperature in the warehouse, and the harmful gases such as carbon dioxide produced during storage can be taken out of the warehouse.


Small cold storage is usually made of spray painted steel sheet, rigid polyurethane foam or high-density polystyrene as insulation material. The storeroom has the characteristics of good rigidity, high strength, good heat insulation performance and flame retardance.

Generally, the small-sized cold storage body adopts eccentric hook type connection of embedded parts inside the plate wall or on-site foam fixation, which has good sealing performance, convenient assembly, disassembly and transportation, small amount of construction and installation, labor-saving, good quality and quick effect. The small-sized cold storage is equipped with advanced refrigeration units. The storage capacity matches the refrigeration equipment completely. It has the advantages of fast cooling speed, power saving and energy saving, and all the automatic operation is safe and reliable. Small assembly type cold storage is widely used, the temperature range of cold storage is 5 ℃ - 23 ℃, and the temperature of special prefabricated cold storage can be below - 30 ℃. It can meet the needs of different uses and is suitable for various industries and departments.


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