Long range LoRa module for LoRa meters of lora wireless meter reading

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asked Oct 7, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_jwKB9mTk (220 points)

DG-601 LORA WIRELESS METER READINGMODULE is an embedded single-sheet meter reading module developed by our company for meter reading system. It uses LORA wireless spread spectrum IoT technology to directly collect serial data or pulse data of the instrument and report it through the concentrator to the meter reading platform.


◆ Micro power design: Ultra-low power design, sleep current only 10uA, 3.6V power supply design, can be directly powered by lithium battery.

◆ IoT communication: Using LORA spread spectrum technology, matching with high gain antenna, reliable communication in underground.

◆ Serial port acquisition function: The meter reading module has TTL communication interface, which can be customized according to customer's needs.

◆ Pulse acquisition function: The meter reading module has 3-channel pulse acquisition interface, supports single, double and triple pulse signal acquisition of pulse mechanical watch, compatible with Hall signal and reed switch signal acquisition, with forward and reverse metering function.

◆ Data storage function: The meter reading module freeze interval can be set, you can freeze and store 1000 data, and the system can read historical data remotely.

◆ Data self-reporting function: The meter reading module can set the data automatic reporting time interval and report the data regularly. https://www.meterschina.com/wireless-communication-system/lora/lora-module.html

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