Slurry Flow Meter,China paper Pulp and salt water food slurry liquid electromagnetic flow meter

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We supply magnetic flow meter for slurry, high quality with ISO17025 certification.We devoted ourselves to flow measurement 10 years, we export to many markets, such as Europe and Americas. We look forward to be your long-term partner in China.

Product description

Degao electromagnetic flowmeter is designed specifically for the flow measurement of large - wear fluid, such as pulp. The structural features of the sensor and the special performance of the converter fully meet the requirements of the flow measurement of the pulp.

The flow of pulp entering the papermaking machine is measured and used together with a concentration meter as a feed forward for the quantitative control of the paper. The measurement of the pulp in the pulp mixing system can achieve continuous or intermittent control of the ratio of the pulp.

DG-EFM005 electromagnetic flowmeter is fully capable of measuring the flow of paper pulp, lye, bleach, black liquor and other fluids.


√  No pressure loss, the measurement is not affected by temperaturepressure and other changes;

√  Wear-resistant tungsten carbide electrode;

√  Anti-"Spray spike interference" algorithm and special excitation methods, flow measurement is stable,the fluctuation is very small;

√  The signal -to -noise of the output signal of the sensor electrode is more than 3 times higher than that of the conventional flowmeter;

√  Excellent low velocity performance;

√  Both the power supply and the output circuit adopt reliable lightning protection and surge protection, with high reliability and low fault;
√  Reliable detection technology of empty pipe.

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