4pcs Borosilicate Glass Canister With Bamboo Cover

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asked Oct 2, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_jMkJg8sX (140 points)
Product Introduction

These canisters are made of borosilicate glass in 4 different sizes.

 Product specification

Dia: 10cm, Height 12.5cm/ 17cm/ 22cm/ 27.5cm

Volume: 700ML/ 1000ML/ 1300ML/ 1700ML

Product feature and Application

High-grade borosilicate glass, non-toxic and tasteless, microwave safe.

Perfect to store spaghetti, pasta, candies, sugar, nuts, beans and more, convenient your life.

Bamboo cover gives the canister a kind of retro feelinig, small button on lid can allow people to open it easily.

Good for giving as a gift.


Shipping port: Qingdao, China

Packing: export standard packing or according to the customers’ requests.

Delivery date: Negotiable


Q: If we want to have different height, shall we pay for the mould cost?

A: No need any cost, we can do different heights according to your request.

Q: Can I make a decal on glass body?

A: Yes, you can decide your own design. https://www.jfyglass.com/clear-glass-jars-and-canisters/4pcs-borosilicate-glass-canister-with-bamboo.html

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