80Degree PVA Water Soluble Yarn

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asked Oct 1, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_WvZfs3Ih (700 points)
(1) It is used as the raw material of water-soluble non-woven fabric, to produce water-soluble non-woven fabric, to make embroidered base fabric, to make machine embroidered lace produce hand embroidered style; to make disposable clothing for special industries, to meet the requirements of industrial hygiene and environmental protection; as water-soluble packaging material

(2) It is used to produce water-soluble worsted yarn. After the water-soluble yarn is interwoven with other yarns, the water-soluble fiber is removed in the dyeing and finishing process, and deep processed fabrics such as warp and weft hollowing, jacquard hollowing, thin, soft and bulky can be obtained

(3) As a companion fiber, it is blended with wool (or wool sliver) of low count. After spinning, weaving and weaving, the water-soluble vinylon fiber is removed in the process of finishing, so as to make high count, light, fluffy and soft pure wool fabric. The water-soluble fiber blending technology can also increase yarn strength, improve weaving efficiency and expand the design range of yarn and fabric

(4) As a companion fiber, it can also be used to mix with other fibers such as cotton, hemp and polyester to weave high count pure hemp, pure cotton fabric and silk like polyester fabric. On knitting, it can be used to produce: cowhide blinds, honeycomb fabric, etc. water soluble yarn can also be combined with cotton yarn to make untwisted yarn, which can be used to produce untwisted towel, etc

(5) Blended with cashmere and other low strength fibers to improve cashmere spinning performance https://www.cxyarn.com/pva-yarn/80degree-pva-water-soluble-yarn.html

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