Indoor Amusement Park Playground Equipment Kids Naughty Castle

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asked Sep 29, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_j3847Iex (460 points)
Naughty Castle is an indoor comprehensive children's playground project. The main materials used in making Naughty Castle are PVC, wood, sponge, galvanized pipe, engineering plastics, software, etc. As a children's play project, the quality of materials selection is particularly Important, the production materials of Easyfun Naughty Castle are environmentally safe, because it is mostly for children to play, this is very important.

What is Description of Playground Equipment?

Excellent quality, competitive price, prompts delivery, great service and solid reputation.

Original packaging with Cotton inside,plastic film outside

FOB or CIF shipping service.

Both wholesale and drop ship are allowed.

Fast shipment in 7-30 days responsible customs clearance.

Best and timely service for each customer’s order .

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