110cc Smart Cargo Tricycle

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asked Sep 24, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_jiLXiFxH (180 points)

    110cc cargo three wheel motorcycle,convenient and fast save your costs both on energy and time.?

    110cc enough powerful engine and low engine consumption

    110cc cargo three wheel motorcycle,chopper style,more comfortable during the driving

    Reverse gear device,motorcycle easily used in the transport

    Motorcycle shaft drive transmission improve the efficient power transfer

    8 pieces steel plate as supporting suspension?

    5 screw big gearbox rear axle, enhance loading capability

    Mechanical spring suspension system ensure smoothy vibration?

    Durable,stable carriage and strong loading capacity

                New industrial design, appearance elegant
                Special tricycle engine, make the very thinner mixture to burn fully, the strong power bursts instantly, greatly improve fuel efficiency
                Four points spring soft connection, greatly reduce the vibration.
                Rear absorber Adopt car design theory, high loading capacity
                Cargo box electrophoretic painting, anti-corrosion ability is significant
                Chassis Integrated keel chassis, reasonable structure, high strength
                Silencer Adopt car denoise theory, reduce noise and vibration
                Tool box Big tool box


                    Engine type
                    110cc,1-cylinder,4-stroke, air cooled
                    Max power
                    Max torque
                    Cargo box
                    Transmission type
                    drive axle/shaft
                    Front /rear wheel
                    Max Loading

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