Extendable Low Bed Trailer

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asked Sep 13, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_SqxSABSu (300 points)
Product descriptionThe extendable low bed trailer is an economic and flexible solution for a multitude of different transport.This product family covers particularly versatile and extensive areas of application.FeaturesParticularly versatile and extensive■ 2 to 10 axles■ High payload■ Extendable > 50 metres■ With or without ramps■ Various axle systems:? Friction-steered axles? Knuckle-steering (hydraulic) axles? Pendle axlesProduct numberAIN PERFORMANCE AND SPECIFICATION
 ? ? ?Model
 ? ? ?NO.ItemSpecification1Framework trailer8 axis2The effective length of the dock(mm)19240+100003Width of the dock(mm)32004Height of the dock(mm)11005Total Height(mm)19506Wheelbase(mm)7739+1310*77Deadweight(kg)260008Each axle of maximum load(kg)130009Gooseneck ?for truck6*2,6*4,8*410Tire235/75/R17.5 18pr(Sanjiao)11Rim17.5*6.7512Amounts of tireTotal 3213kingpin3.5",2"14Total NO. of
 ? ? ?axle815No. of turning axle616Suspension ModeLeaf spring suspensionPower unit17Diesel ModelsKM290F18Power24.1KW/L19PumpEurope and Asia IIProduct application?Construction machines (excavation and road construction, recycling,...)■ Forestry machines (skidders,...)■ Farming machines (tractors, combine harvesters,...)■ Wind power plants (tower segments, generators, rotor blades,...)■ Structural elements (steel and concrete elements)■ Industrial parts (transformers, crane-loaded goods,...)■ Lifting vehicles (lifting platforms, fork-lift trucks,...)■ Crane systems (cranes, crane weights, crane components)■ Conveying and crushing systems (demolition and recycling industry)■ Rail vehicles (trams, locomotives, wagons)■ Bulky goods, long material and heavy loads http://www.heavydutymodule.com/extendable-trailer/extendable-low-bed-trailer.html

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