KGL-18 Desktop Type Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryer

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The optional function:

* Eutectic point test function, master the material better sublimation temperature;

* Vacuum control function to maximize heat transfer;

* Double-stack refrigeration system, mature technology, low temperature, for -80 ℃ freeze dryer;

* Wide mouth manifold freeze-dried bottle configuration, easy to install the material, with the import standard freeze-dried bottle valve supporting the connection. Standard 6 tubes;

* Optional power defrost function, speed up the defrost speed, shorten the drying cycle;

* Optional multi-brand imported vacuum pump.

Technical Details:

1, -50C or -80C vertical cylindrical ice collector, stainless steel 304 or stainless steel 316L material optional.

2, Benchtop design with compact size, removable drying house and shelf module.

3, Acrylic see through drying chamber, on top of drying chamber, various external device optional, for Flask, stoppering etc.

4, 7" Full color touch screen monitor:

Real time display ice condenser and raw material temperature,vacuum degree.

Freeze drying curve and history curve, display and export to U disk.

5. Ice condenser could use for raw material freezing.

6. Manual vacuum break valve.

7. Manual defrosting water discharge valve.

8, 2 stage vacuum pump with oil anti-back devices.

After Sales Service


* 12 months Warranty.
* All products sold offer a life-long free technical consultation service.
* We provide 7*24 hours English online consultation.

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