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Name: Mono-(6-Mercapto-6-deoxy)-beta-Cyclodextrin

Other name : Mono-(6-Mercapto-6-deoxy)-β-Cyclodextrin

Abbreviation :S-β-CD

CAS No:81644-55-5

Molecular weight: 1151.05

Purity :  98%

Solubility : Slightly soluble in water, soluble in DMF

Package: 1g/bag, 2g/bag ,5g/bag ,10g/bag or customized

Storage: At room temperature, in tightly closed container. Avoid light .


Application :

Sulphur is lively group by oxidation or replace to create higher levels of supramolecular structure.

Mercaptoacetic extremely easy adherent to gold surface, thus realize novel applications.

Mercaptoacetic cyclodextrins derivatives extremely suitable for drug induction of anesthesia neuromuscular reversal.

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