Mango peeling machine

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asked Sep 12, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_SvR9911L (560 points)
Whole machine is made of thick stainless steel 304, easy to maintain and clean, which meets food machinery standard. The machine is PLC controlled, can automatically fit to different size of mangoes.

Touch screen, PLC are chose of Japanese famous brand Omron, so it ensures stability of the machine. It can use for 10 years. You can set in touch screen to choose either peeling or both peeling and destining. It is the key equipment for processed mango, including diced frozen mango, IQF mango, Fried mango chips, FD mango, sliced dry mango, mango pulp, fresh cut mango and etc.


Capacity: 1000pcs/hour

Dia of fruit:40-100mm

Height of fruit: 80-150mm

Thickness: 1-3mm can be adjusted

Power: 600w(not including air compressor)


Dimension: 1500×800×1800mm

Air compressor is not included

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