Epoxy Resin Domed Brand Name Stickers

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asked Sep 11, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_S7i620tp (520 points)
What Are Epoxy Resin Domed Brand Name Stickers ?

   Domed Stickers (also referred to by some as Domed Labels, Domed Badges, 3D Stickers

   or 3D Resin Badges) are a popular form of product labelling and brand identity used by a

     growing number of industries.

     The polyurethane resin dome provides a hard-wearing, scratch-resistant coating to protect

          your company logo or design, displaying it clearly, even in harsh conditions. Domed Stickers

  are a great addition to any product that will display your company logo or brand clearly

                                                                          and professionally.
The label design is printed or embossed onto a self-adhesive sheet of

polyester or vinyl. resin is applied after the waste from the substrate is removed.

This clear liquid polyurethane dries to form a very durable, flexible finish. https://www.oemsticker.com/domed-stickers/epoxy-stickers/epoxy-resin-domed-brand-name-stickers..html

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