Access Control Safety Door

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asked Sep 10, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_WAUrLjlS (2,020 points)
* Color is optional: black, grey, blue and red. Please note that the color of moving doors framework is always black.
* Solid mental frame and thickend glass, the door is durable with high security.
* Delivery: The booth is delivered fully assembled and will require specialist lifting gear for off loading. Dependent upon specification the weight of the booth ranges from 1000kgs to 1300kgs, therefore sufficient access space must be made available from the point of off loading to installation locally.
* Interface: The booth is controlled via a microprocessor activated by 0V cantacts provided by a combination of either, card reader, push button or radar device. As standard the following features are available;
  1. Eight inputs
  2. Eight 0V programmable outputs of which three are used for entry, exit and passage confirmations
  3. Two remote consoles
  4. Alarm contact for telephone
  5. One serial port for RS232
Note: The interface program can be customized, therefore it is important to confirm all interface requirements when placing an order.

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