I noticed that the PSO patcher really uses embedded

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asked Sep 10, 2020 in H&E by MMOruki (1,020 points)

I just learned about the pursuit log last night! I wish the match told the participant a little more about PSO2 Meseta It has menus. I don't think I have ever once seen a pop up about the quest log. I also noticed in your username, it says you are on boat 4. What's the distinction between ships? I am on boat 4 aswell and that I assumed it put me since I am in the US but it sounds like it doesn't matter much which ship you pick

I should probably update this. Sorry to emphasise this one. Also ships do matter since it divides players,but there is always the universal ship (limited interaction so discord is always better if you wan na na add individuals cross boats ). Ships 1 and two were the launching ships about half a year ago for xbox players, ship 3 launched about 3 weeks ago with all the PC launch, and boat 4 started with the steam launch. Newer ships lose out to the former scratches so they'll be much rarer so obviously people will gravitate to elderly ships for some time.

They've released the whole 12* Whiteal unit set for PSO2 NA! It gives me 183PP and wants 500 titles. It gives 183 or you now have 183? +183 is somewhat overpowered in comparison to being 183.

Yeah, I use the first option, this is the only game I've ever seen do so. It is 99% likely because of GameGuard's trashy cheat security, I am honestly hoping they ditch that monstrosity at NGS. I was a bit shocked to see it tbh, I have not seen any other game running that thing probably because circa 2010 I want say. And of course matters regarding matches should never be running as admin, this has been common PC programming clinic because the Windows Vista age, we are far past this point and should not even have to talk about it. Frankly I am surprsied MS let the game launch on their store with that prompt in it because they're partnered at the US ya understand?

Thank you for the ideas, in any case I am not starting Steam using admin mode however , nothing using a web browser built in should ever do that it is a huge security hole sadly. Tbh I noticed that the PSO patcher really uses embedded internet explorer to fill in it's bottom half, mostly due to a script error that's been occurring on launching of the Steam assemble every time, that is actually also a safety issue particularly since buy meseta pso2 IE never gets upgrades anymore.

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