Black Acetate Cloth

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asked Sep 6, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_Sl0FTdwH (740 points)
Acetate Cloth Tape

1. Product material description: Main ingredients: acetate cloth, rubber (or acrylic glue).

Base material: Acetate cloth Origin: South Korea Technical specifications: Equivalent to 3M Adhesive: Silicone resin Origin: USA Japan France, Acrylic resin Origin: Taiwan.

The prepared acrylic acid is evenly coated on the surface of the treated acetate cloth, and then enters the drying room to remove volatile solvents and high-temperature reactions at 150 degrees to produce a stable and viscous polymer material. Non-toxic and odorless. It is safe for human body during use and will not cause environmental pollution after use.

2. Color: white, black.

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