Sewage Suction Truck

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asked Sep 3, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_WKyLFh6n (460 points)
Sewage Suction Truck


Driving type:4x2

Chassis model:ZZ1167M4611W

Engine: WD615.87 290hp Euro ‖

Gear box: HW19710

10forward & 2 reverse

Cabin:2 seats and 1 bed


Front axle loading capacity:9000kg

Rear axles loading capacity:1x16000kg

(double reduction)

Tyre:12.00R20,Radial Tyre

With Air condition

With Tools and Kits

With one spare tyre

Pump Speed(L/S):98

Tank Capacity(m3):10

Rated Revolution(r/min):500

Colour: white

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