SMF Renewable Energy Storage Battery

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Chaowei Energy & Power Co.,Ltd is one of the leading SMF renewable energy storage battery manufacturers in China, equipped with one of the famous brands, welcome to buy discount SMF renewable energy storage battery, and you are also welcomed to check the price and quotation with our factory.3-CNFJ-200 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?6V 200Ah (10hr) VRLA Flat Gel BatteryChilwee CNFJ Series VRLA Flat Gel Battery is specially designed for renewable energy storage, i.e. solar/wind energy storage, hybrid system, etc. The CNFJ Series adopts flat plate Sillicon Gel technology to ensure the batteries with long cycle life, large current discharge capability, high reliability and safety, and enviornmental-friendly.SPECIFICATIONNominal Voltage6VNo. of Cells3 CellsRated Capacity (2h rate)175Ah to 1.75V/Cell @ 25℃/77℉Nominal WeightApprox. 36 KgInternal ResistanceApprox. 2.6 mohmFloat Voltage2.27V/Cell @ 25℃/77℉Equalization Voltage2.37V/Cell @ 25℃/77℉Maximum Charge Current50 AmperesShort Circuit Current3500AOperating Temperature RangeMax.: -20 to 50 ℃; Recommended: 20 to 30 ℃Self Discharge Rate< 3% per monthTerminal TypeM8Container MaterialABSCycle Life, 25℃@80% DOD1000 Cycles@50% DOD2000 Cycles@30% DOD4000 CyclesDISCHARGE DATA OF CONSTANT CURRENT (AMPERES, 25℃)End Voltage Per CellTime / Amperes, 25℃/77℉30 min1 h2 h3 h5 h8 h10 h20 h1.60V258.00158.0095.0064.0039.8025.5020.6010.551.70V236.00148.0092.5062.3339.0025.1320.4010.451.75V220.00140.0090.0061.0038.2024.7520.1010.301.80V202.00132.0087.5059.6737.2024.2519.7010.001.85V184.00124.0085.0058.0036.2023.7519.309.75DISCHARGE DATA OF CONSTANT POWER (AMPERES, 25℃)End Voltage Per CellTime / Amperes, 25℃/77℉30 min1 h2 h3 h5 h8 h10 h20 h1.65V451.5284.4171117.1275.22247.9440.1720.57251.70V413266.4166.5114.0773.7147.23539.7820.37751.75V385252162111.6372.19846.5339.19520.0851.80V353.5237.6157.5109.1970.30845.5938.41519.51.85V322223.2153106.1468.41844.6537.63519.0125* ?This data is only for customer's reference. It was taken according to lab test at ideal working condition with proper charge. It may be different from actual test result.6-CNF-200 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 12V 200Ah Deep Cycle VRLA ?BatteryDischarge Characteristics at Different Discharge RateCharge CharacteristicsTerminal Voltage ?vs. Discharge Time (25℃/77℉)Battery Voltage vs. Charge TimeCapacity at Different Ambient TemperatureSelf-Discharge CharacteristicsCapacity vs. Ambient TemperatureResidual Capacity vs. Storage TimeDIMENSION (L X W X H = 520.5mm X 239.5mm X 224mm +3%)CHARGE METHODTypeVoltage (V/Cell)Temperature Compensation CoefficientCharge Current (A)Cycle Application2.36-2.43V-4mV/℃0.1C10 - 0.25C10Float Application2.25-2.29V-3mV/℃Paper carton for per bank battery, Then stripped with ?plstic pallet.7-10 DaysOur Services?Chilwee products have already been distributed in all over world, and local service facilities are being deployed in each region. Chilwee is committed to provide complete services including technology training, warranty replacement service, fault analysis trouble-shooting, battery maintenance service and battery disposal service, etc.Company Information?

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