Water tanker truck

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Specifications    HOWO Water Tank Truck Driving Type 6x4
Chassis Model    ZZ1257S4641W
Engine    Made: SINOTRUK   

Diesel 4-stroke direct injection diesel engine
Engine model: WD165.69, Euro II emission standard
6-cylinder in-line with water cooling, turbo-charging and intercooling
336 hp (247 Kw) at 2200 rpm
Number of cylinder: 6
Displacement: 9.726 l
Bore: 126 mm
Stroke: 130 mm
Compression ratio: 29.8 hp/l
Specific fuel consumption: 195 g/kWh
Engine oil filling quantity: 23 l
Cooling system filling quantity (long-term filling): 40 l
Thermostat with 71℃ opening begin
Single cylinder air compressor
Rigid fan
Transmission    HW19710,10 speeds forward and 2 reverse
Front Axle    HF9 9 TONS
Rear Axle    HC16 16 TONS
Chassis    Frame: U-profile parallel ladder frame with section of 350x80x10 mm and reinforced subframe, all cold riveted cross members
Aluminium fuel tank: 400 L capacity
Steering    ZF8118,ZF technology
Brakes    Service brake: dual circuit compressed air brake
Parking brake(emergency brake) , spring energy,compressed air operating on rear wheels
Auxiliary brake : engine exhaust brake
Tyre    Tyre: 12.00R20
Driver's Cab    Volve middle roof  cab(two seats, one bed),all steal forward control,2-arm windscreen wiper system with three speed,laminated windscreen with
casted-in ratio aerial,hydraulically damped adjustable driver's seat, with heating and ventilating system, exterior sun visor, safety belts,
adjustable steering wheel, air horn, air conditioner , with transverse stabilizer
Electrics    Operating voltage: 24 V, negative grounded
Starter: 24 V, 5.4 Kw
Alternator: 3-phase, 28 V, 1500 W
Batteries: 2 x 12 V, 165 Ah
Cigar-lighter, horn, headlamps, fog lights, brake lights, indicators and reverse light https://www.truckcnhtc.com/truck/heavy-truck/howo-water-tank-truck.html

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